In-Person Chapter Meeting September 15!

Our monthly in-person meetings will resume on the third Thursday of the month at the Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Pleasantville.  Please come to join your fellow anglers, participate in the raffle, and hear a great speaker.  As is consistent with current NYS policy wearing a mask is optional.


Our speaker is Capt. Mike Platt who will share his 30 years of experience fishing the western end of Long Island Sound. Capt. Mike is well known for doing both fly fishing and light tackle trips for stripers, blues and other native species. 


This will be a perfect time for a presentation on fishing the western sound. The fall run will soon get into high gear and continue through the end of November. Don't miss it. 


This will be our first live presentation since February, 2020. As always it will be held at Emanuel Lutheran Church, 197 Manville Road, Pleasantville. Doors open at 6:30. The meeting will be called to order at 7:00. We hope to see you. 


Nikki Alexander is the new TIC Coordinator

Nikki Alexander.jpeg

We are excited to introduce Nicki Alexander, the new Trout in the Classroom Program Coordinator with the NYC Department of Environmental Protection. Nicki is deeply passionate about connecting students with the wonders of the natural world, and she loves that TIC provides such a unique opportunity to do so both in and outside of the classroom. She is looking forward to working closely with Trout Unlimited staff, chapters, and volunteers to implement TIC program activities across NYC and in the upstate watershed communities.


Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Nicki received a B.S. in Environmental Economics and Management from the University of Georgia and an M.S. in Development Practice from the University of California, Berkeley. She has worked as an environmental educator in California, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and in Paraguay as a Peace Corps Volunteer. She comes to DEP most recently from her role as Community Engagement Coordinator with the US Environmental Protection Agency, Region 2, which is headquartered in Lower Manhattan and covers New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. Nicki lives in Uptown Manhattan with her partner Sebastian and dog Pablo, and enjoys getting outside as much as possible in her free time.


Part-time TIC Field Educator Sought

The NY Trout in the Classroom program needs your help to spread the word! TU is now hiring for a really fun, new position: a part-time, seasonal Field Educator who will play a vital role in supporting NYCDEP’s TIC Coordinator, Nicki Alexander (she’s awesome!), and TIC schools and their release days. Please spread the word to anyone you may think is interested! Recent college grads would be great for this position.  Full description and link to apply here.


The TIC Field Educator position spans a nine-month period October 2022 through June 2023, with the Educator working up to 20 hours weekly. The position requires a significant amount of time hosting school groups in the New York City watershed and providing hands-on environmental education lessons in conjunction with each school’s trout release activity. The Field Educator will also be charged with setting up environmental education activities for other organized youth groups such as Scouts, Boys and Girls Clubs, 4H, and afterschool clubs. All other work will be done remotely. TU will provide a computer, small office allowance, and reimbursement for mileage and work-related travel.


Position will be located in the greater New York City metro area with significant work obligations in Putnam and Westchester Counties.


Mark Your Calendar  - Upcoming Trips

We have a day trip to Connetquot 9/23.  It is an easy drive and you will catch fish.  This is also a great trip for anyone with limited mobility.


We have sponsored two trips recently to the Deerfield River in Massachusetts.  It is only a couple hour drive and the fishing has been great.  Check out the article on the Deerfield just seen in Fly Fisherman magazine.


 CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP and get more information.

  • September 23, 2022 - Connetquot River State Park. Day trip limited to 15 anglers. $50.00 per person.

  • October 25-26, 2022 - Deerfield River, MA. Overnight trip guided by Harrison Anglers. Limited to 8 anglers. $500.00 per person, excludes lodging..  NOTE:  THIS IS A DATE CHANGE.


Demo Fly Casting at the TIC Teacher Conference

The TIC Teacher Conference is resuming after the Covid cancellations.  It will be held October 6 at the FDR Library in Hyde Park.  The conference brings together teachers from a wide area who come to learn and share ideas on the TIC Programs.  As part of the conference CWCTU does fly casting demos for interested teachers.  It is a low key and fun time as we put a fly rod into the hands of teachers who have never held. one before.  If interested in volunteering, contact Ihor at


Updated Paid Trip Policy

With an expanded list of paid trips during 2022, we want to take this opportunity to reacquaint chapter members with our participation and refund policy.


Paid trips are open to Croton Watershed Chapter Trout Unlimited (CWCTU) members and their immediate family members. From time to time the trip coordinator may allow other TU members to enroll after our members have first had an opportunity to sign up. Trip participation is on a first paid basis.


Participants who cancel at least 30-days in advance of a trip will receive a full refund. The Chapter will also issue a full refund if the participant cancels less than 30-days in advance and finds a suitable replacement. Although the trip coordinator will provide assistance in finding a suitable replacement, final responsibility for finding a replacement is the participant's. Participants cannot cancel less than 30-days in advance of a trip and apply their payment as a credit against a future trip.

Increased Water Release to Croton River


Bureau of Water Supply 

Natural Resources Division



Public Notice: Increased Water Release to Croton River

Dear DEP Access Permit Holder:


In early September, the NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) will begin to draw down water levels in the New Croton Reservoir to allow for routine operational inspections of the New Croton Dam and spillway. As DEP begins lowering the water level of the reservoir, there will be significant increases in the flow of water into the Croton River. The release from the reservoir will increase from the current 5.5 million gallons a day (MGD) and may be as high as 405 MGD, significantly increasing the flow of the river and requiring additional cautions for recreational activities.


Members of the public should be extra cautious while the increased water is released into the river. Activities such as wade fishing and kayaking are discouraged, as the fluctuating flow in the river could make them unsafe. DEP will initiate the increased release starting on or about September 6th and continuing until approximately September 27th.


To ensure public safety, DEP has shared this information with local government officials and public safety organizations. We've also shared this information directly with the public through social media and messages like this one. DEP will also post signs at parks, beaches, boat launch sites, and other points of public access along the Croton River before the increased releases begin. We hope you will share this information with others who recreate along the Croton River downstream of the dam.


Fly Tying Night Patterns

Sulphur Perdigon

Hook: Lightning Strike JF2, size 14.
Bead: Gold slotted tungsten bead, 7/64”.
Weight: Lead-free round wire, .020.
Thread: Yellow, UTC 70 Denier.
Underbody: Yellow, UTC 70 Denier.
Tails: Wood-duck flank feather fibers.
Rib: Gold Ultra Wire, small.
Body: Golden brown Antron yarn.
Wingcase: Black UV-cure resin.
Coating: Low-viscosity UV-cure resin.

Night King

Hook: Lightning Strike JF2, size 14.
Bead: Black nickel slotted tungsten bead, 7/64”.
Thread: Fluorescent pink UTC 70 Denier.
Weight: Lead-free round wire, .020
Tail: Blue Silver Doctor saddle hackle fibers.
Rib: Medium blue Sulky Holoshimmer.
Body: Black pheasant tail fibers.
Collar: Peacock blue Antron dubbing.

Sexy Walt’s Worm

Hook: Lightning Strike JF2 barbless jig hook, size 14.
Bead: Gold slotted tungsten bead, 7/64′′.
Weight: .020 lead-free round wire, 8 to 10 wraps.
Thread: Fluorescent orange, 70-denier or 8/0.
Ribbing: Opalescent Sulky Sliver Metallic thread.
Body: Natural hare’s-mask dubbing and clear Antron, mixed.
Hot spot: Fluorescent orange tying thread.

Lance Egan’s Red Dart

Hook: Lightning Strike JF2 barbless jig hook, size 14.
Bead: Gold slotted tungsten bead, 7/64′′.
Weight: Lead-free round wire, .020.
Adhesive #1: Superglue or Fly Tyer’s Z-Ment.
Thread: Red, UTC 70 Denier.
Tails: Red saddle-hackle fibers.
Rib: Pearl Sulky Holoshimmer metallic thread.
Body: Peacock herl.
Collar 1: Brown saddle hackle.
Collar 2: Pink Ice dub.
Adhesive #2: Head cement or Sally Hansen Hard-As-Nails.