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Trout in the Classroom (TIC) is an environmental program which teaches young students about trout and the environment in which they live through the process of raising trout from eggs in aquarium in their schools. TIC was started by the late Joan Stoliar and the Theodore Gordon Flyfishers (TGF) of New York City. The Croton Watershed Chapter of Trout Unlimited (CWCTU) has been involved with and supported the program for local schools for many years. In addition, CWCTU volunteers assist local schools as well as schools from New York City in the release of fingerlings in the streams of the Croton watershed in the spring.

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Eggs are sent to schools by the New York State Department of Conservation (NYSDEC) in the fall along with trout food. The students watch them hatch into fish and care for them until spring, when the students release the fish into local streams. Students learn first hand about fish development, various areas of science and the environment, responsibility, as well as gaining a respect for living things. The highlight of the school year is when the students release their trout into a local stream.

The equipment for a TIC program costs about $1300.  This is cost is prohibitive for many schools so CWCTU funds teachers&schools with the equipment they need to get started, and also helps with various on-going supplies.  At present, CWCTU sponsors twenty schools in Westchester and Putnam counties. 



Since there is no suitable location in New York City, CWCTU aids New York City Schools with the release of their trout into Cross River in the Ward Pound Ridge Reservation.  Our Volunteers help the students release their trout and show them the macro-invertebrates ("bugs")  the trout eat.  Last year over 2000 New York City schoolchildren from over 40 schools released their trout in our watershed.


Brewster High School, Rob Leonard                                                                           Carmel High School, Anthony Macchiarola

Copper Beach Middle School (Lakeland), Christina Conors                         Eastchester Middle School, Adam Chertok                                                                     Fox Lane Middle School, Christine Ledrich

Fulmar Road Elementary School (Mahopac), Tom Jordan

Harvey School, Melissa Zeffer

HH Wells Middle School (Southeast)  Kirsten Rusinko                                                Irvington School District, Karen Bodnar                                                                     John Jay High School (Katonah), Matt Funnel

Kent Elementary School (Carmel), Rachel Berry

Lakeland School District,  Mike Macchi

Lois Bonz Children’s Center (White Plains),  Dr. Marcia Lawrence                      Mahopac High School, Scott Rizzo

Pelham Middle School, Kevin Clune

Robert E. Bell Middle School (Chappaqua),  Sarah Geronim

Saunders High School (Yonkers), Harry Hall

Somers High School, Brian Hugick

West Lake Middle School, Tom Hall

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