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The Croton Watershed

The Croton River system includes three major tributaries and 15 reservoirs, not to mention a number of smaller watercourses.  It covers some 387 square miles and contains some of the finest fishing in the eastern U.S. We are fortunate that the rivers and lakes in our watershed are part of the New York City water supply. Considering the number of people living in the area and the amount of residential and commercial development, were it not for the preservation and care accorded our local lakes, rivers and the land around them, we would be hard pressed to find any clean, cold water to wet a fly in, let alone drink. So, the availability of such terrific trout fishing venues so close to home is truly a blessing. Trout anglers will find many fine fishing opportunities on stream segments downstream of nine New York City Reservoirs. Combined these nine stream segments offer over 13 miles of publicly accessible trout water. In most cases brown trout are the most common species, while in others rainbow and sometimes even an occasional brook trout provide diversity. 


Conservation Programs

CWCTU runs many environmental programs.  These include stream and reservoir clean ups, tree plantings, water temperature and quality monitoring, stocking, and Trout in the Classroom.



CWCTU holds meetings monthly from September through May.  Meetings are usually held at 7:00 PM on the third Thursday of the month at the Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Pleasantville - but exceptions do occur so check this site for the date and location of the the next meeting.  Each meeting includes a speaker on a topic related to fishing, conservation or other topics of interest.  The meetings are a great place to meet others interested in fly fishing.  The public is welcome. 

Monthly meet


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