Reservoir Cleanup Day



On October 5, our TU Chapter took part in a debris clean-up at Kensico Reservoir. The event was sponsored by the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and co-sponsored by the Catskill Watershed Corporation. Our participation at Kensico was part of a larger effort on that day to remove litter from public recreation areas at six reservoirs in the Catskills and Hudson Valley. Other sites included Cannonsville, Neversink, Pepacton and Rondout reservoirs in the Catskills, and Lake Gleneida in Carmel. The DEP enlisted school groups, business leaders, local nonprofits, and citizens to help in the clean up. The DEP reported that 171 people took part in the six-reservoir cleanup. We estimated that about 30 people were present at the Kensico site.

Coordinating the Kensico effort was DEP Project Manager Cathy Durso. Our particular task was to clean up the boat storage area by the Route 22 Bridge at Rye Lake. In two hours, we collected 8 bags of garbage and recyclables. CWCTU participants included John Tague, Mike McClelland, Randy Coon, Jim Tully, and Carl Swanson. Joel Mofsenson, Roger Olson, and Neil Siegel from the New York City Chapter of TU joined us at the reservoir. Tools, garbage bags, and gloves were provided for us by the sponsors. And, we were ably assisted by DEP Watershed Maintainer Sal Siciliano, who escorted us with a DEP Pick-up truck to cart the garbage and recyclables back and helped us in cleaning the site. CWCTU Conservation Chairman John Tague hopes our participation in this NYC DEP effort will promote further cooperation between our TU Chapter and the DEP on additional conservation projects in our watershed.